Attend this seminar and learn how to: Maximize your wealth.

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Grow Your Money Guaranteed

Have you ever wondered how to grow your money without exposing your money to risk, investment loss, penalties, management fees, and taxes?  There are ways to get growth but most of them lack certainty, and they expose you to the risk of losing a lot of money.


If you want Guaranteed growth on your money with NO risk, this seminar is for you.

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What You Will Get:

• The way to get guaranteed growth on your money

• How to manage your money better

• Financial product pros and cons

• How to protect your assets

• Increase your financial IQ

• How to create a family legacy

• Tax saving strategies

• Interaction with like minds

To get the added benefit of attending the VIP dinner at the Wealth Summit, as well as online access to the entire Wealth Summit video production, register as a VIP.

Our Promise To You:

After attending the Wealth Summit in Las Vegas, you will be equipped with the knowledge to maximize your wealth.  If for any reason, you don't get good value from the Summit, we'll refund your money.  You'd be the first one, but we don't want the question of value to stand in the way of you investing in yourself. When you invest in yourself then you too can maximize your wealth!

Dr. David

"The time spent here has been so well used, and I could never put a price on it… Everybody should be here."  – Dr. David Murphy  from Iowa (VIP attendee)

"This is another great summit. I enjoy coming to these because each one is different and I learn so much more each time."  – Cora Cooper  from California

"Nothing beats the person to person instruction.  It is so encouraging to be taught by people who are so educated and know their subject so well.”  – Dr. Tedd Koren from Pennsylvania

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